Martin Freeman on Whether Sherlock Will Leave John and Mary Alone to be Happily Married



"Presumably not.  It’s the tensions within those characters that make the show.  Now that Mary is very much part of the setup, that can’t be a happy, or rather a straightforward, thing.  Without the tension between John and Sherlock there is no show.  So no, it won’t be un-rocky"

- Martin Freeman, The Sunday Times

Chosen words. Carefully prepared.
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My brother just told me Ben gave Martin a standing ovation can we just


im crying

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*Mary’s ex gets invited to the wedding*
John: *not bothered*

*Janine walks out of Sherlocks bedroom wearing his shirt*
John: wtf the fuck

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But the ‘Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie’ Emmy went to Bernard Cumberbatch for his title role in PBS’ Sherlock: His Last Vow.

—CNN’s article on last night’s Emmy.

Bernard Cumberbatch, BERNARD CUMBERBATCH.

 Wow, that’s a first. Good job CNN.

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